Yahtzee Frenzy

The Dude and I are locked in a power struggle - we are engaged in a Yahtzee "tournament" with a Harry Potter theme. We've played several games over the course of several days, and tonight's final game will result in the awarding of the "House Cup" (hence the HP reference). Before you all get on the edges of your seats and chew your nails to the quick - relax - there's no way I can catch up. Over the past four games, he has amassed an impossible score. He'd have to score a 0 and I'd have to hit the impossible "perfect game" of 375 to beat him.

Hope to post pictures tonight or tomorrow of the final game.

[Image from Wikipedia entry on Yahtzee - a source of great info, and other cool images.]


amy said…
Well, good luck anyway. Tough to get beat by a 6 year-old!!!

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