Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Tonight was the Dude's first T-Ball "game". Even calling it an intra-squad scrimmage would be too formal. It was controlled chaos - but everyone had a good time. M was the official game photographer. As usual she snapped a few mysterious photos (the grass for example) as well as the standard game shots.

[Dude playing first base.]

[M sporting the shorter summer hair-do.]

[The proud parents.]


Chris H., family astronomer said…
Nice shirt, Hobbled!
amy said…
Hhmmm.....I can't believe it. That kid could hardly throw the ball two weeks ago and certainly couldn't catch...now he's playing first base! Wow! Must be a quick learner
John G. said…
Actually everyone gets a chance to play all the positions. To his credit he's getting better, although I think his sport may be frisbee - - we tossed one around for about an hour last night. He's a natural. John G.
amy said…
Ah....frisbee! A much better sport anyway!!! I'll play that with him anyday
amy said…
by the way, you should ask my husband how his t-ball career went. I think he spent most of the time picking dandelions in outfield..

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