Winnie, Neigh – Pass the Oats

I never considered myself much of a clothes horse. In fact, I waffled for a few weeks: do I just give up, like most people and dress down – like I’m at the cabin or bumming around on Saturday errands; or, do I strike a blow for decency and professional attire, and actually buy some more nice dress slacks, a nice dress shirt and tie or two – and how about shoes while I’m at it. The question was answered yesterday when I dropped a cool few hundred at Men’s Wearhouse.

I always get a sick feeling in my stomach when I spend money like that – though I probably shouldn’t since the last time I did it was 2002. Come to think of I haven’t purchased a sport coat or suit in this century – or this millennia to make it seem more dramatic. But I’ve got a new job – one where I meet people outside my department on a regular basis, and will sometimes even travel and meet (gasp!) customers. So it’s time to spiff-up. Can’t wait to get my cool new pants back from alterations (not to mention all my old ones being taken in and up – losing weight and growing older – really make you change shape.)


amy said…
My hubby is in serious need for shopping to spiff up a bit! After spending 3 yrs in CA where he could wear shorts and Tevas to work---he's in serious need of some decent work clothes! One time last fall he got so frustrated because all the (old!) kakhis in the closet had holes in the pockets (this was 1 hour before having to teach class). Sigh...then again I'm also in serious need of new clothes! Popping out a kid will do that to you!!!
Sue A said…
Stop stop stop -- my ears are BURNING!!!!! Do I sense that there is a need for shopping help?!?!?!?

Mr. Runner - I applaud your efforts and support your logic - I am sure you will look great! (And, if you have any future need for rationalization for your actions - no worries! I have you covered!)

Oh - so much shopping to do, so little time. :-)

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