Widow-Maker Snow

This is what I colleague of mine calls "widow-maker" snow - the stuff of heart attacks. Heavy wet - about 6 inches and falling (and blowing). The Hobbled Wife and I shoveled the driveway so she could go to work - despite news like this:

Don't go into work unless you have to.

MnDOT is advising no unnecessary travel in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area as a winter storm whips through the area.

After HW's (safe?) return, I head off for the afternoon at work. It doesn't get any better than this.

NOTE: photo above taken 1.5 hours after the one below.


The Shuggy Gramma said…
I VERY much enjoyed the picture below, because it wasn't here. 85 or better and sunny.
I've been enjoying reading this blog, never seen one before!

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