Indiana Wants Me

Returned safely from a two day visit to Indiana. Not ready to recommend the pool at hotel #1 since both M and I are suffering from various ear afflications (but more about that later - maybe).

Lots of quality time with new cousin/nephew Isaac. M especially enjoyed holding the little squirt on her lap. Many an hour spent holding that little bundle.

The Dude also enjoyed a little lap time with his new cousin.

Other non-baby related items - my first ever sighting of a Tufted Titmouse. The yard and surrounding wooded area around la Casa de SDMoose was crawling with TTs. I realize that you can spot them in MN, if you keep an eye on the bird alert lists, and are prepared to "stake out" a sighting. I'm not at that level (yet), so I enjoyed hearing the little buggers as we walked the woods around "the Res" and even had a few sightings at the feeder. (Sorry no pics - too busy snapping the bambino.)


amy said…
who's the great photographer???

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