First George, then Shana

We recently marked the passing of George Mikan - former Mpls Laker, the first "big man" in basketball. In addition to making the world safe for giant basketballers, he was also (supposedly) the source of my brother-in-law's nickname. He is known throughout the family as "George".

S has shocked to read this morning that Shana Alexander had died - Shaaana (different pronounciation, same spelling) was the source of Mrs. Hobbled's name.

Trailblazing journalist and author Shana Alexander, whose on-air verbal skirmishes with conservative James J. Kilpatrick on CBS' "60 Minutes" were so popular they were spoofed on "Saturday Night Live," has died of cancer, her family said. She was 79. Source

Spoofed on SNL? Yes, she was the original "ignorant sl#t" ?


amy said…
Crap! Guess my namesake better watch out! I don't think I was named after anyone, I guess it doesn't matter

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