70's Food?

SDMoose is blogging about 70s food. While many aspects of culture, music, movies, style of dress, strike me as having a uniquely 1970's flavor, I hadn't given food much thought.

[Tick, tick, tick] Now that I've given it 3 seconds, here is my thoughtful addition to the list: Fondue. Hard to believe I made it through the decade (corresponding to my ages 8 - 18) and never touched Fondue. Still haven't.

Oh - and I agree with Mr. Moose: I like potato salad and cole slaw. Didn't ever think of them as 70s food, in fact they must go much further back than that. Of course we Minnesotan's never stopped eating them.


George said…
Fondue is definitely 70s food, but it's making a comeback. There are some trendy fondue restaurants around.

You should see if S remembers my childhood experience with a fondue fork.
Anonymous said…
I sure do! Maybe that's one reason I haven't jumped back into the current fondue craze....the memory of that fondue fork hanging from the palm of your hand....definitely NOT appetizing!
-shana who can't remember her login
Mr. Moose said…
George, when you come to visit us in Mishawaka, we can take you to a fondue restaurant about a mile from our house. Maybe we can reenact your childhood memories!

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