Carry That Weight

I found this interesting. Do The Zen Monk's Robes Have Pockets?

There is a reason monks renounce worldly possessions: they are distractions from important work.

There is a reason people in therapy talk pejoratively about carrying around "baggage" from relationship to relationship. Baggage is Bad.

Lately, for a variety of reasons that I can't begin to understand, I'm trying to get by with less. Perhaps I got annoyed with carrying around a briefcase full of stuff - - that somedays I never opened! I've been looking for ways to get by with less.

Not so long ago - - OK, it was 20 years or so - - I never carried anything: just a wallet and keys. Back in the day, we never carried backpacks to school. Most days I only carried a lunch bag (since I hated school lunch). College brought backpacks, and I guess there was no turning back.

Ever since stumbling onto the Hipster PDA phenomena, I've been intrigued about what I carry and why I carry it. Perhaps yoga has played a part. Despite coming to the practice via videos and community ed classes, some of the spiritual aspects rub off after a year or so. Yoga puts a lot of emphasis on being present in the moment, not letting junk distract you. I actually "carry" that philosophy with me more these days. Trying hard not to let all my worries and anxieties overwhelm me. Breath . . . and breath again.

Wait - where was this going - Oh, right, carrying less. The above-referenced post has "juiced" me up. Now I want to really get by with less. I'll leave the briefcase home tomorrow - and see how it goes.

Next stop - less at home. Hmm - that's a tough road to hoe.


amy said…
Do a quick search on using the key word "clutter" and that'll give you plenty of resource books....but probably another book is the last thing you need! I'm quite enjoying this new house with very little furniture...may just decide not to get any!

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