I was outfitted with a Holter Monitor today.  It's intended to monitor my heart for 24 hours.  I have a little piece of paper to log "events" - the dizzy spells.  That way they can check my reported events against the readings at that time.

I wasn’t expecting such an elaborate operation, so I was surprised when the conversation went as follows:

Nurse:  “Will I need a razor?”

Me:  “What for?”

Nurse:  “Your chest hair.”

Turns out it wasn’t really a razor, but some sort of small electric sander that not only removes hair, but also creates a little abrasion on your skin so the little sticky monitor things stay put. 

Oh well, it’s only 24 hours – but no showering.  Hmm,  I have 3 hours of dance rehearsal for Fiddler tonight.  Summer time in partially closed Middle School – how hot can that be?

Perhaps I work from home tomorrow morning.


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