Atrial tachycardia

The dizzy spells have a name, Atrial tachycardia.  

 The cardiologist reviewed the results of that cumbersome Holter monitor and discovered some mild episodes of Atrial tachycardia. 
I have two options: 
  •   Do nothing.  When a spell hits I can treat it like plugged ears on an airplane –yawn, cough, etc to clear it.   I had discovered this on my own.  Coughing just seemed a natural response – and it works for now.
  • The medicinal route would be to take a beta-blocker.  I will keep this option on-hold.  I can call and get a prescription anytime.   These would be taken on bad days – when having a lot of episodes.  Beta-blockers work but have side-effects which I’d like to avoid.

It’s a relief to finally identify the source of the dizzy spells.  The MRI/MRA and ultra sound had turned up nothing – as I learned Tuesday at the Neurologist.   

Now it’s back to life as normal .


amy said…
Doc didn't suggest cutting back on the coffee?
John G. said…
Oh yeah - cardiologist said cut coffee in half. I haven't gone that far - but I am heading in that direction. Seems unfair - I have so few vices - and I don't even consider coffee a vice.

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