Check Engine Light – update

First the car:  Turns out it was a real problem – catalytic converter is a mess – broken pieces, some pieces missing – but safely lodged downstream in the muffler/exhaust system. Best replace the entire thing. Last month “Shana’s car” provided the opportunity to spend large amounts of money. This month, it’s “Dad’s car”.

It will take several days to get parts so the dealership is paying for a rental car – 2012 Toyota Prius – fun!

Tomorrow we go car shopping. Time to replace the Vue – “Shana’s car”.

Health updates: The visit to cardiologist was uneventful. EKG normal, no murmurs, everything sounded good via stethoscope. Suggestions – meds for cholesterol, and cut caffeine in half. On Monday I get my 24 hour heart monitor.

This morning I went for my MRI/MRA of head and neck – as requested by my primary care doctor. Hope to know results later today or Monday.


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