Check-Engine Light!

Today the “check engine” light is on in my car.  

Yesterday, the check-engine light came on in my head.  After ignoring dizzy spells for a few days, I decided to call the doctor’s office and speak to the triage nurse.   Of course, they insisted on seeing me, so I went in.  When they found nothing wrong – all vitals normal, blood fine, the doctor referred me to a cardiologist.  Doctor wants me to see a cardiologist this afternoon, and they were able to get an appointment on short notice – so that’s the course of action.  

I’m staying home until I see the cardiologist.  My doc thinks I may get an “event monitor” that hooks up to me and lets me press a button to record my vitals, etc during one of my episodes.  I have some other tests scheduled for Friday morning as well.

I did leave the house to drive John to school – that’s when I noticed the check-engine light.  Grrr.


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