A Sweeping Year

The day started quietly - and early. I was up at 5:50 with Duke – he cares not that it is Sunday. Shana and the kids slept in. Maria winning the contest - slumbering until shortly after 11:00 a.m. The kids stayed up late last night to watch Saturday Night Live because Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was the guest host.

It snowed a bit yesterday, maybe 2 inches of powdery stuff. The snow was so light I swept it away with a broom. I’ve done that more this year (sweeping snow) than I ever recall in the past. It has not been a big year for shovels, let alone snow-blowers or plows.

As Duke and I walked through the field – where we took the photo above – I apologized for our quiet walk. Often I talk to him, but today felt quieter. I told Duke that I used to have a lot to say – or at least talked a lot more as a younger man. I still feel I have a lot to say, but have trouble saying it, or figure maybe no one wants to hear it. Or maybe, I just learned how and when to keep my mouth shut.

After visiting my mother for brunch, the kids and I stopped to pick up a friend of John's - and they are now engaged in some sort of Pokemon duel at the kitchen table. He's leaving soon, and Maria should return from a friend's shortly. Then it's time to start dinner - pasta with my home-made white sauce.


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