It Flows No More

[Note the damp ends of the branch. The Dude and I had just sampled the dripping sap. Very tasty!]

Yesterday when the Dude and I were out for a walk we noticed sap dripping off freshly trimmed tree branches at the park. Not a surprise as it was partly sunny with the temperature in the in the low 40s. The fact the branches were dripping was likely due to the warm weather and the recent pruning - at least that's my uneducated guess.

That was then, this is now.

Winter finally arrived last night. It was beautiful, big fluffy flakes and a rapid accumulation of a few inches - in the hours before midnight.

Today it's cold and WINDY - very windy. I made Shana come take a walk with me - partly for the exercise, and partly to re-visit the dripping branches to check for change.

Not a surprise - they are dry as a bone. No more sap for a few months I expect.


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