How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Don’t let the lack of blogging fool you, there has been lots of goings-on at the Hobbled House. I’m up early this Saturday reviewing materials for Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting where we will consider a proposal by Walmart to re-plat four existing parcels into one larger parcel in preparation for development. It’s the only item on the agenda – but I suspect it will keep us busy for a few hours.

[Skin of our Teeth photo by Mac Meade. Don't strain your eyes, Maria not in the picture, but I have to post some pictures to keep the reading audience interested.]

Maria in the midst of performances for The Skin of Our Teeth at RAHS. It’s not a big role for her but that’s nice after last Fall’s Urinetown –The Musical, and this Spring’s The Sound of Music where she plays – who else – Maria. Of course, that leads to lots of jokes around here about, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”

Are you attending tonight’s opening of the Minnesota Opera’s Werther? If so, note the children’s chorus singing off stage in the final act. The Dude is amongst them. It’s been a busy past several weeks for him as they geared up for the big show. Several long, late evening practices – but he loves it.
Here’s some nice coverage from MPR’s classical side.

Too busy at work to think, much less post but that’s the subject for another post (or a dozen), so I won’t start now.


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