Too Much Vacation?

[Looking up while walking Duke this morning.]

Oh, the “burden” of too much vacation.

It’s been a busy year. It’s been so busy that I haven’t used all the vacation available to me. Company rules state we can only carry 40 hours into the next year, so I’ve got some vacation to burn. I plan to take some time at the end of the year – but that doesn’t burn it all so I’m taking a day here and there.

Today was a good day to stay home as Shana was traveling for business so I had kid duties in the AM and PM. I enjoy staying home and getting stuff done. It beats commuting to work and not getting stuff done.

After seeing Maria off, I walked Duke. Then it was home to get the Dude ready to go. After I dropped him at school, I went for a walk around Como Lake. After that I hit the library/coffee-shop, Target, and finally Goodwill.

In addition to that run-around period, I was able to do some laundry (2 loads), some “fall” cleaning: clean the drapes – (see laundry); remove dust and accumulated gunk from ceiling fans – I try to clean them every fall/spring – should do more often (yuck); cat litter (yuck squared); replaced filter on furnace – easy but always surprised by the stuff it has trapped. Old one comes out gray and dingy, new one goes in pearly white. It says replace every 3 months – this one slipped to 4 – but then there was quite a bit of time this fall when we ran neither the AC nor furnace.

After all my work, I found the cats napping. I took the hint and napped a bit myself.

Duke surprised us by having two seizures – one last night, and one this morning. We will increase his meds and hope for the best.


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