Are We Ready Yet?

[By Friday this will all make sense.]

Tomorrow starts "tech week" - aka the week of hell - prior to Friday's opening of The Ultimate Santa. We rehearse four hours Sunday, then from 6:00 to 9:30 Monday through Thursday. We will go over the production, in costume, scene-by-scene.

It's a painstaking process. The adults will groan and sigh; the kids will be too squirrelly to pay attention. Tempers will flare. At some point, I will promise myself never to do another show.

We are at that point when one's emotions swing between, "This will never work!" and "This will be an awesome show!" I think I know all my lines I just hope I don't miss my cues. Tomorrow I'll forget all my lines, but remember everyone elses. That's just the way it is - for me at least.


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