An Arts-Packed Weekend

The theme this weekend was, support your local arts organization(s).

Friday night, Shana and Maria attended the Eat Street Players' production of Lend Me a Tenor, a show that included Michael Sheeks – from Roseville Area High School – the man who directed RAHS’ recently concluded success Urinetown: The Musical.

Saturday night Maria and I attended the final performance of Roseville Area Middle School’s production of North Woods Nonsense. As a high school freshman, it was fun for Maria to see the “little kids” taking center stage, some of whom we’ve both performed with in Rosetown productions.

On Sunday, the Hobbled family chose the divide and conquer approach, with Shana attending a performance by percussionist and educator Dame Evelyn Glennie at House of Hope, while the kids and I headed over to the Old Arizona Theater for Going to the Soiree, a production of the Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company featuring two young women we have worked with at Rosetown – Kayla Schlitgen (who choreographed Music Man, Oliver!, and Christmas Carol), and Jenny Sung who choreographed last summer’s Wizard of Oz and now is working with us on The Ultimate Santa. I had never been to a dance performance before – besides Maria’s dance school recitals. We had a great time.

In addition to all that craziness I raked the yard – let’s hope for the last time, cleaned the gutters, and did a number of loads of laundry.

Saturday night brought its own little challenge as Maria and I changed a flat tire at 10:00 pm on a dark side street. Note to self – get a strong flashlight and keep it in the trunk. Cell phones barely produce enough light to change a tire by – especially when the one holding the flashlight has to keep pulling it away to answer texts. Or maybe cell phones would work in a pinch if the one holding it is not a 14 year old girl with an active social life. (Of course it wasn’t a simple puncture – so we had to replace the tire – actually both tires actually “for balance” of course.)

Monday it's back to work, where I can get some rest.


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