Go Team!

Don’t know why I agreed to do this, but like most things I hesitate to do, it turned out fun. Friday night I attended homecoming at Roseville Area High School (pronounced RAHS to the local). Both Maria and I had a moment of panic when we arrived. (She confessed to this later – Sunday morning actually.) This picture sums it up. I stuck my BlackBerry up and snapped the crowd, and got Maria’s face in the bottom half.

The reason I attended – the rule that middle school kids cannot go unless accompanied by an adult. No limit on the number of kids that can be attached to a grown up, so the number of middle schoolers outnumbered their “chaperones” by about 20 to 1 – or so it felt.

I did have a good time – sitting by myself with the other parent/chaperones. RAHS beat Hastings


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