Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cough, Kiss, Lines!

Home from work - sick with some sort of upper respiratory thing: chest congestion, cough, sore throat, kind of clogged up. No energy. But the show must go on.

Last night the kids and I went to the first rehearsal of The Christmas Carol. Though sick, I went because I didn’t want to miss anything. We read through the entire play. I hope the director doesn’t want me to play the part like I read it last night as I don’t think I could replicate the hoarse voice once I get better.

We enjoyed seeing the various people developing their characters for the first time. It was not uncommon to hear and see their voice and/or delivery change with each line they read as they tried out new ideas.

For the first time in my budding acting career, I have lines (plural). In The Music Man I had a line (singular), and in Oliver I had a non-speaking role. Now in The Christmas Carol I actually have lines that require me to flip the pages in the script! I am Father Pilgrim. Many/most of the characters in this production were unknown to Charles Dickens. The basic story line is the same, Scrooge, Marley, three ghosts – but it’s the details that make it fun. It takes place through the ages, from cave-man times to “the future”.

M plays Adolescent Belle (the young love of Scrooge) who appears during the early scenes with the Ghost of Christmas Past. Much to her shock, she has a “love” scene – one that requires her to kiss Adolescent Scrooge in a rather romantic fashion. She is mortified! But after the kiss, she and Scrooge get to sing a duet. That makes up for the kiss – I think.

The Dude plays Random Reveler One – a little party guy who runs around announcing that Christmas is coming. He has one solo line, and another short interaction with Random Reveler Two. He is pretty excited.

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