Drat the luck of a poorly timed San Diego business trip. Not only am I missing my son’s parent-teacher conference (Now I’m one of those kind of parents!), I’m missing my first ever “call-back” for an acting role.

Imagine my surprise when I picked up the phone last night and it was Margo (Music Director for Rosetown Playhouse’s production of The Christmas Carol) inviting both M and I to call-backs. No call-backs for little kids (Dude) at this time. Sounds like their roles will be assigned later.

This is very exciting news. M is pumped! One problem: call backs are tonight, and I won’t be here. I’ll be in San Diego. I apologized to Margo and said I realized this could take me out of the running, but Margo said she would talk to the Director (her son) and see if they could schedule me for Friday afternoon after I return. She said that she wants to give me a chance to show what I’ve got (in the acting sense, not like Brett Favre).

Keep your fingers crossed!

It looks like busy times ahead with several special meetings of the Planning Commission and my budding acting career with Rosetown. Too bad my paying job gets in the way.


amy said…
How fun, John! Keep us posted!

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