Oliver - Update

There was a great deal of excitement in the Hobbled Household this weekend as the kids and I learned that we have parts in Oliver .

I'll be in the chorus and will be a vendor, doing what vendors do best, “selling wares in the street scenes” according to the email instructions I received Sunday.

M will also be a chorus member. In addition she will play a pick-pocket, working for Fagin. The Dude is upset – as he wanted to be a pick-pocket so bad. Instead he will be a chorus member and an orphan appearing in the opening songs with Oliver. Being in the opening scene sounds cool to me but I think he just really likes the pick-pocket song, “You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two” – which is what we danced to during try-outs last week. (It was a cool dance – but given my Shipoopi experience in Music Man, I’m think Vendor is more my speed.)


Suefunky said…
How fun for all! Bones - the opening scene sets the tone for the whole show - so I'd say that is an important role!

I will be in MSP on the 8th!! I definitely want to come! I'll follow up with ticket inquiries.

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