On our post-dinner walk this evening, Duke I encountered this note on the ground. It simply said "for focus". The back side was blank. I took it as a sign.

An example of my lack of focus, twice today while toggling between applications on my PC, I forgot why I had toggled(from Word to Outlook, or IE to Outlook). I sat there dazed and confused. Once I just gave up trying to remember, and found something else to work on.

Another fun pic - though I don't know why I didn't snap a photo of the entire bike - but license and bumper sticker (or fender sticker) were so cool I just had to take a shot. The bike was quite old - as the 1964 Minneapolis Bike license would attest. Dig that Ready Kilowatt sticker. Ready was the mascot for a number of power companies. Locals recall him as the mascot for NSP (Northern States Power) - now Excel Energy.


Katie E. said…
I just recently stumbled upon this blog and decided to follow it since your posts seem interesting.

That little note seems quite amusing. A small, trifling piece of paper with a simple two words dressed over one side. And yet it really makes you think. I just love things like that, and I'd wager it was the intention of whoever left it behind.

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