I've become that sort of person

. . . the kind of person who brags about all the un-open emails he has.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I left work with over 200 unopened emails in my In-Box. Despite being at the office from about 7:50 am to 5:15 p.m. the problem had actually gotten worse. I started the day at around 150 - and it just kept growing despite my best efforts to keep up.

The problem is staffing - the person who reported to me until last week has left the company - so I'm kind of flying solo. I'm in meetings almost all day acquiring new tasks, while emails keep flowing in assigning me new chores as well.

Last week I thought I'd lose my mind but somewhere along the way I've crossed over to "the other side". That's the side where you just gotta laugh - the alternative is crying - at the unreasonable demands placed upon your time.

Today I actually sat down at the 9:00 am "Stand-up" meeting. Everyone kept asking me questinos and assigning me stuff - stuff I had to write down. As I have never perfected what I call the "Reporter's Stance" (writing on a notepad while standing up), I just gave up and sat down. There had to be 14 people in the room - all standing but me. It felt almost like an act of civil disobedience on my part.

It will get better. The bosses have freed up a colleague to assist me - and that feels good. This afternoon, I learned they had approved filling the position that reports to me so that job will be "posted" internally in the next day or so.

With all the extra time I have, I should be able to interview and hire in no time.


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