Oliver - Here We Come

Well I did it - tried out for the Rosetown Playhouse's production of Oliver I was hemming and hawing these past few weeks over whether to do it or not. Last year's production of the Music Man - my very first experience on stage - was great! But this year things are different.

Work is crazy busy. I already knew I'd have to miss one performance for business travel (though as a townsperson sort of role, you can conceivably miss a show), and I just wasn't looking forward to it.

But - It felt like the right thing to do. So I left work around 5:15 despite 214 emails in my In-Box, and met Shana and the kids over at the Middle School. When I saw the old gang - director, choreographer, etc - it all came back. I knew it was the right thing to do. Perhaps it will provide some balance in my life?

Now we wait to hear whether we are in or not.


julienj said…
Glad to hear that you tried out! It was so clear from your posts last year how much you loved being in the production - and it's great to have something like that to look forward to when work/life are crazy. Fingers crossed that you'll get an excellent townsperson part.

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