Public Man

It is shaping up to be a busy and interesting week for me – yes ME – not just a busy week for the kids or a busy week for the Hobbled Wife. They always have busy weeks. I’m usually just transportation.

Thursday is the celebration of the anniversary of my birth when I will mark 47 years (if I stand on my tip-toes I can see 50). This week also marks beginning of my 15th year with the company. I can see it in the eyes of newer employees, and hear there whispered comments as I pass, "There goes an old timer. Did you know he started back before you could send outside email."

And now for something completely different – Tonight I appeared before the Roseville City Council along with a slew of other folks who applied for one of several city commissions. I’m trying for a spot on the Planning Commission. This sounds like the most interesting commission, and would give me a chance to channel my interest in public affairs, and a small bit of knowledge in zoning law into some healthy civic involvement. The Hobbled Wife has been encouraging me to “get involved” – and this is a good opportunity to be involved in city government – without running for office and exposing all those skeletons in my closet. (Oh how I wish we had household help and forgot to pay taxes – at least we’d have a clean house!)

The interview went well - as best as I can recall. I’ll have to watch the video replay to remember what I said. They asked some pretty tough questions: They started by asking about balancing the needs of business vs. neighbors (OK - that was easy), then they asked how I would deal with the fact that city is “developed” with no real large tracts of land waiting for development. Someone asked about high density housing, another asked about “diversity”, and there was a question about whether Roseville should/could do something to attract younger singles. It was hard to tell if there was a “right” answer to any question.

Overall, I think it went smoothly. My father-in-law was home with the Dude and they watched it live on the public access channel. Both were impressed – though they were hardly unbiased observers.


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