Fly on the Wall - and Cat Takes a Spin

Spring has arrived in the TC area. We saw highs in the mid 50s today, and this fly came out of hiding (or hibernation?) or wherever they spend the winter to soak some late afternoon sun on the side of our house.

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera early today when I sent Roscoe spinning in the dryer. He often crawls into the dryer while I'm loading it. Until today, I've always seen him crawl in so I fish him out before starting the dryer. Today I did not see him enter the dryer - I swear! - I loaded it up, set the timer, pressed the button and stepped away.

Wait - what was that odd clunking sound? I listened for a few seconds and decided it was the several pairs of heavy jeans in the load. Clunk - Clunk. But something about that explanation didn't sit right. Clunk - Clunk. I better open it up and see what's wrong.

I opened the door - and swoosh! - Roscoe flew out and ran upstairs and all over the house - like a crazy cat savoring his new found freedom.

In the end, it was probably less than 10 seconds - but he did some serious banging around before I figured it out.


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