The Actor's Nightmare

[J signing his first-ever autograph for the Dude.]

What better way to celebrate a birthday than by attending live theater – the junior high variety. Last night the Hobbled Household piled in the car and drove out to Oak Land Junior High to see nephew/cousin J perform. There were two plays – "The Actor's Nightmare" & "This is a Test" he had the lead in the “The Actor’s Nightmare” playing an amnesiac who wander into a theater shortly before show-time, only to be mistaken for the understudy (the cast has just learned that the lead was injured in a car accident and could not go on). The entire thing is a comedy of errors with J (in the character of George) attempting to “act” while the play – actually several plays – go on around him .

We were returning the favor – as my brother’s family had attended M’s performance in the Neverending Story on Sunday – all 2 hours and 30 minutes. We owed them.

[The Dude and J]


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