Dashboard Sun Dog

Had another one of those "storms of the century" yesterday, "dumping" about 2 inches of snow in Roseville. Don't mean to belittle the weather - it was quite bad in outstate MN or Greater Minnesota as it's now officially known. The big shock was the cold - about 4 below and windy (25F below wind chill!).

Snapped this heading east on Larpenteur approaching Snelling about 7:50 am. One of the nice things about bitterly cold sunny weather are the sun dogs - there are actually two - one on either side of the sun but I didn't want to keep driving around just to snap the ultimate picture.

Home update - after a miracle recovery on Sunday, M is down-and-out with the stomach bug again. She was sick Saturday (missing her performance of Neverending Story that night), recovered Sunday to hit the stage, but Sunday night - early Monday morning - it hit again. She missed school Monday, and is out today again.


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