Thanksgiving Roundup

[The Gang. Photo by Garth.]

It was a great Thanksgiving. To get things started right, the Dude and I joined some of his school friends and their families for soccer on the grounds of St. Kate's. This is an annual tradition, but our first time. It was a lot of fun, running up and down the field, working up an appetite for turkey. We played the kids against the grown-ups. The kids won - of course.

[Kids in pursuit of the ball. Photo by Garth.]

Later we roasted the West bird and hosted my mom. Still later, the Hobbled Wife and I left the kids at home to join H & J and some of their family friends for dessert. We can't attend two Thanksgiving dinners, but we can attempt two desserts. We never had dessert, because we ended up watching Jakes' slides from his recent Africa trip. Had to leave to get home to the kids before we even had a chance for our pie. Oh well.

[Three friends. Photo by me.]


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