Family Fun

Today was a success! With kids this age, you never can tell how a "family event" will play out. This afternoon, we stopped by Natural Built Home to check on some flooring (for kitchen and entry hall) AND kitchen countertops. Kids were pretty restless there so we just took a lot samples and agreed to stop by again sans kids.

After the floor store, and since we were so close to Minnehaha Falls we decided to do a little hiking/walking. Duke was along for the ride since it's obvious he need more exercise (He still weighs 113 pounds - as of Friday's vet visit. He's also now on phenobarbital for his seizures).

We hiked down to where the Minnehaha Creek empties into the Mississippi River - just under the Ford Dam. The creek wasn't really emptying - since it was almost bone dry. The kids had fun making "boats" - logs and wood that were big enough to hold stones, etc that they launched from shore.

All-in-all a fun afternoon. We were home in time to do some yard work - more raking!

[Duke and the Hobbled Wife resting mid-hike.]


amy said…
I think you should make the kids install the new flooring (if you guys ever get around to picking something!!!!!)

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