Turn Off Your Mind. . .

Now here’s a nice post to break my blogging hiatus, from St. Cloud music blogger Echoes in the Wind:

One of the exercises into the hypothetical that bloggers and other music fans will on occasion break into is wrestling with the question: What if the Beatles had released The Beatles (more commonly known as “The White Album”) as a single LP instead of two? Which of the thirty songs on the album stay and which are trimmed to get down to forty or so minutes of music?

On a related note, I’ve meant to blog about M and her affection for the Beatles. She has several Beatles albums (humor an old man – they are albums, not CDs) on her IPod. As with most people and their IPods, she usually sings along with whatever’s playing in her head. I love it when she sings along with Tomorrow Never Knows, the song that closes out Revolver. “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. . .”

I’ve always disliked Tomorrow Never Knows. I believe Paul McCartney said of this tune something like, “who knew you could write a song using one chord – but John did.” In the past I used to skip over the song, but M’s appreciation of the song has lead me to rethink this “tuneless” piece. When I hear it now, I don’t skip it, but let it run – though I haven’t begun to sing along. Not yet.


julienj said…
A and T are Beatles fans, and I'm always happy when they can identify a song when they hear it on the radio. Their singing along, though, is largely limited to songs from "Yellow Submarine" (a favorite movie).
amy said…
Where is Hobbled?

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