Redo My What??

It’s not enough that I practically hand-feed posts to my wife’s blog. (Please note, she calls me out by name but does not insert hyperlink back to my blog.) No, she demands I blog on my own. Well here goes:

Last Friday, I’m installing a new program on my PC. That means I try install – it doesn’t work – I need a password, so I email tech support. The tech folks who “assist” with this function are in India.

They respond at 3:30 am Monday with my password which is so generic I should have guessed it in the first place. I enter the password, but I'm still getting error message. I email tech support.

They respond at 3:59 a.m. Tuesday, the email contains this helpful instruction:

Redo your SQL server definition. I have attached instructions. Please note that in step 6, you need to enter tracker_user for BOTH user id and password. [If you could not find the option for the 'DBMS Type' as 'Tracker SQL Server 6', then select option as 'Tracker SQL Server']. Then you can able to login with your User Id & Password.

Yeah - that's easy for you to say. Piece-of-cake – I think.

I suspect that if I encountered serious problems and needed help NOW, that I could probably find someone in-house to assist, but sometimes it’s fun to go through the motions as a good corporate citizen – just for the blog fodder.

Update: Hah - it worked – not exactly as set out in the nice instructions included in the attached Word document, but then I’m a bright guy and between B’s instructions and my ingenuity, I got the darn thing installed an working.

I would have completed it Tuesday, but I was too busy, so I finished up today in about 10 minutes. Of course I sent a Thank You reply email. Wonder what time it is in Bangalore?


crossons said…
I do TO usually link to you! So, I forgot once!

I'd love to see the directions for resetting your SQL server definition.... This is exactly why IT departments need people like me - those who can speak both languages and explain the techie stuff to the rest of the world!

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