I've Been Warned

[Origami Santa]

Another Dude/Dad drive-time conversation. While driving the Dude to school this morning, listening to Christmas music on the radio, the Dude asks,

"Why do grown-ups sing about Santa Claus if they don't believe in him?"

Hmm - were getting on shaky ground here.

"Well, at Christmas, everyone wants to believe, so even grown-ups sing about Santa."

He ponders, then lets me in on THE PLAN:

"After Christmas break my friends and I are going to bring the notes and cards from Santa [Editor: apparently the little thank you notes he leaves for the milk and cookies] to school and compare them. If we see that his signature is different, we know you guys are faking it."

Hmm - I'm stone silent.

"It's not fair, tricking people. It's mean."

I'm not sure where this is going, but then he says,

"I'm going to believe anyway. No matter what you do."

Now that's the true holiday spirit.


julienj said…
Our 6-year-old used angry air quotes to refer to Santa: he's making it quite clear that he knows the score.

At least the Dude and is friends are planning on using scientific methodology.
crossons said…
OK, that makes me cry.
amy said…
Ok, if The Dude wants any presents he better just go on BELIEVIN' in the Bigger Dude with the beard and red suit..

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