Bus Tales


I love these little slices of life. Here is Bus Tales, a web site that allows you to submit stories of “interesting” things that happen on public transportation in the TC area.

Here’s an excerpt from “Chatty Guy”:

Finally, Chatty Guy never misses the evening 663 at 4:30. There have been a few occasions where he is running late, or the bus is early. On these occasions, Chatty Guy has been known to sprint along S 9th Street for 3 blocks to catch up to the 663. On one occasion, I was sitting by someone with whom I often exchange Chatty Guy stories. We noted his absence, and I casually said “We’ll probably see him streaking down the sidewalk.” We looked to our right, and saw him in all his glory, flying across Nicollet Avenue at Jesse Owens-like speed.

In conclusion, I have nothing against Chatty Guy. Some consider him annoying, but I consider him an asset to the 663. If we ever part ways, I’ll always treasure the memories and pray for the poor soul he currently victimizes.

I heard the site's creator Rett Martin interviewed on MPR a few weeks ago. I meant to get online and check it out, but forgot until today when I saw MNSpeak had linked to it.

I suspect other areas have similar sites. This one reminds me of the Kevin Kling play 21A about riding the number 21 down Lake Street – a very interesting route.


Rett said…
Hey John, glad you enjoy the site...thanks for the link!

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