Post Halloween Blues

Amazing - just a few days ago he was young, vibrant, burning with Halloween spirit. Now it looks like he forgot to put in his dentures - ready for an AARP membership.

Busy day. Mom and the Dude went to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha - further encouraging the Dude's obsession with Raptors. M and I putzed around town, dining at Perkins, then shopping at Rosedale.

I was looking for some new casual clothes I can wear to work. I've given up on expanding my more formal network since every time I wear a tie, I have to answer all sorts of questions about why I've "dressed up". I've resigned myself to khakis from here on out. Still, I wanted something a little different - some way to express my own person al style. OK - Rosedale is probably not the place to find one's individual style - but I tried.

I've decided I'm in an in-between stage. Too old for Banana Republic and Gap - but not quite ready for the J.As Banks - or whatever it's called. In the end, only bought some CDs at Borders - can't tell what CDs since I think I'll save them for Christmas gifts.

Came home - raked, mowed, and tackled buckthorn. After raking the back yard clean, the Dude looked out the window and asked where the leaves had gone. He was incensed that I'd cleaned up "his pile" of leaves. He got his shoes, ran out into the yard, found the bag of leaves, and proceeded to dump it in the "special spot" under the tree.

Too bad I didn't grab the camera for that.


amy said…
Send Dude to my house. We've got lots of leaves. Not going anywhere very fast

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