Rainy Days and Teacher Conferences

The Hobbled Runner was home with the kids today as this is day-one in the four day weekend known as "MEA" - for Minnesota Education Association" - though I'm not even sure if the MEA actually holds it's annual conference this Thursday and Friday. (Yes - they do, but they are called "Education Minnesota" - though their web site is down.)

What this means is a four-day weekend for everyone in the Hobbled Household. The Dude's private school (in St. Paul) follows the St. Paul public schools schedule so they were off even though their teachers aren't members of the MEA. For the record, the Dude's teachers were hard at work holding parent/teacher/student conferences. We attended two today - one with the Dude's "regular" teacher, and one with his music teacher. All is well - thank God - it's hard to remember how unsatisfied we were last year before we switched schools.

The kids and I "dined" at Perkins for brunch, then went to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Minnesota Institute of Arts. I never heard of Georgia until I was in my 20's - my how times have changed. Both kids are very familiar with Ms. O'Keefe and her work so it was fun to see her stuff with the experts.

I wasn't familiar with her whole "Pelvis" series, but the MIA displayed several works on this theme - very interesting, though the kids were a little creeped out by the fact that it was based on a body part.


crossons said…
Hard for the mom to live up to the excitement of Thursday, but we'll see. I have to say that I do not find it hard to remember how awful last year was before we moved schools.... but I am trying to just be thrilled that this year is going so much better!

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