Do I Get a Whistle?

The Hobbled Runner's life keeps taking crazy turns. The latest chapter has yours truly in the role of assistant basketball coach. Yes, that's right. I'm finally being recognized for my basketball skills - Hah!

Back-story: The Dude has registered for basketball. This will be his first year, and we are a little concerned about whether he will actually follow through as the season approaches.

Enter - family friend Mark. Now Mark has coached both kids' soccer and volleyball teams. Last week Mark emailed asking if I was interested in being an assistant coach with the team he is head coaching.

For some reason I said, "Yes". There are several reasons. With me as assistant, they will assign the Dude to my team. That should alleviate any anxiety he might have about playing basketball. (Fingers crossed) I also enjoy working with kids - and I've been assured I don't need to know anything about the sport.

I did warn Mark that I had never played organized basketball as a kid, and I had never even participated in office Final Four betting pools. I'm like a clean slate, ready to start from scratch.

When do I get my whistle? - - or maybe that's only for the Refs??

Come to think of it, I don't have any court shoes. Do people still wear Chuck Taylors?


amy said…
Well, if his basketball talent is anything like his aunt's then his career will be short lived, so i wouldn't bother with a whistle. They created a 5th quarter just so people like me would get playing time. How humiliating!

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