2 Mile Challenge

Found this cool tool at The Deets. It's a map-generator that lays out a 2 mile radius from your home (or any address you enter). The idea is that most of our commuting takes place close to home - and couldn't we bike or walk - or use some other fuel saving mode of transportation.

As I may have mentioned before, I've tried to do more bike errands. I'm limited by weather (yes - I know not everyone is), and by the fact that many of my short errands involve ferrying kids around - often at night. Bike purists would see those as very lame excuses - but I don't really care. On the other hand, the map does make me pause and wonder what I can do by bike. Maybe I need to accessorize (or pimp my ride) with new baskets or something.


crossons said…
In the spirit of the 2 mile challenge, the Dude and I walked almost a mile each way to pick up some copies at Kinko's. We were successful, and I did not have to carry said boy at all.

Only problem was very crabby and inept staff at Kinko's - after waiting nearly 10 minutes to be helped, and another 8 minutes while she looked, she tells me, "Oh - you mispronounced your name." I am normally a very calm, reasonable person but this PUT ME OVER THE EDGE. No, I tell her, I don't think that was the problem....

good thing I was walking home and not getting behind the wheel of a car.

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