Peaches and Dinner

"Peaches" she said, when I answered the door.

I was busy fixing dinner (photo below)when I heard someone at the front door. I opened the door, and there stood a woman. "Peaches" was all she said.

"I don't have any peaches," I replied.

"Oh, maybe I have the wrong house," she said. "I'm looking for Peaches, a hamster."

"We don't have a hamster, but we do have a chinchilla," I replied. This was getting interesting. I didn't mention the tarantula - somehow he (or is it she) didn't seem relevant to the conversation.

"I'm here for Peaches who's fighting with [another hamster whose name I forget]. They want to give Peaches away," she said.

"Oh, I bet you want my neighbors, they are always giving away hamsters," I replied.

I realize this sounds crazy, like our neighbors are running some kind of hamster-mill or something. Our neighbors have a menagerie of pets - and they are not too careful about the gender of the hamsters, so they've had little broods of hamsters on more than one occasion.

So the woman left - very embarrassed - though I don't know why I wasn't just as embarrassed. She went next door to the neighbors to retrieve Peaches - apparently they were giving away their hamster on Craigslist.

By the way, here's the dinner I was preparing for myself (family has gone to the Fair - opening day you know.)

Yes, that's a salami, onion, red pepper, and Parmesan cheese omelette. Sounds weird - but it was very tasty. The steamed vegetables on the side were fresh from the farmer's market - very yummy.


Chris H. said…
Anything with salami and onions gets a thumbs-up in my book.
Martha W. said…
I'm thinking about calling the Humane Society, with that label "dinner, hamster". No wonder you don't have rodents that fight in your house...

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