The Bridge

Both M and the Hobbled Wife saw the 35W bridge remains today. M was not that thrilled when her camp - Taste of History Day Camp - based at the Mill City Museum decided to take a little hike across the Stone Arch Bridge. She's ready to move on. She was surprised to see all the people and the TV crews. M is amazed at the attention the bridge event is getting, "One week after it fell". Kids have a very different sense of time - or perhaps it's just too overwhelming for a 10 year old. Despite the bridge, she's loving the camp - best yet. She wished she could have been in this one all summer.

After dinner the Hobbled Wife and friend decided to drive over to see the bridge. The friend had seen it earlier this AM, but wanted to go back. They did not go to the Stone Arch Bridge but just walked in from the North (or East) side - away from downtown. The pictures are courtesy of the Hobbled Wife.


The "Taste of History Day Camp" sounds fun.

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