"Alleged Musicians"

[Beatles press conference, Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, MN, 8/21/1965.]

Not everyone loved the Beatles. The "Fab Four" received a rather tepid reception at their only Minnesota concert - on this day, August 21, 1965.

"The Twin Cities was visited Saturday by some strange citizens from another world. They wore long hair and wide grins and were easily identified as Ringo Starr, John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney. They were the Beatles--alleged musicians."
-St. Paul's Pioneer Press
[Emphasis mine.]

Source: MN Historical Society


crossons said…
Maybe "alleged" to the media, but read what some people had to say about the concert! MHS gathered stories from people who had been at the concert (or knew someone).... These people would not have agreed with "alleged!" www.mnhs.org/beatles
John G. said…
A colleague just stopped by to say that both his parents were at this concert - loved it! His Dad still talks about it.

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