Friday the 13th

It’s been a real Friday the 13th in the Hobbled Household – yes, already! It’s the Dude’s last day of school at the old school (he starts on his new adventure on Monday). You’d think that knowing he had one more day at the old place – and a field trip day at that – would make it that much easier to get up and going in the AM. Alas, that was not so.

The highlights include the Dude spitting his toothpasty water all over the sink, mirror, and Dad’s hands – followed by Dad taking the cup of drinking water and throwing it at the Dude’s face. Sound satisfying? It was not. The Dude just got angrier, and Dad feels about 2 feet tall.

After changing clothes (shirts and socks for the Dude – just the shirt for Dad) we got to school – “Late Passes” for everyone – and now I’m at work debating whether to take the afternoon off so I can meet their bus – or just let Grandmama and Boppa deal with them as planned. I would like to be there to “make up” for being such a jerk this morning, but they’d probably rather I stay at work. Dad never makes chocolate shakes in the afternoon for M like Grandmama does.


Chris said…
Ooooh...I'm gonna' have to remember that move for when cousin Ike gets a bit older!

It seems like one of those times that will stick with you a lot longer than with the Dude.
Anonymous said…
Chocolate shakes??? That's what happens when I'm off droning through hours of conferences???? Hmmmm..... I need to stay home for the chocolate shakes!!
-hobbled wife

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