Day One

The Hobbled Wife left for San Fran this morning, and will return Sunday afternoon. Luckily for the Hobbled Runner it's a quiet week - Saturday being the only "crazy" schedule day. I suspect that M will miss Mom but not put up much of a fuss. The Dude on the other hand - - the jury is out.

Bad news: He hates school - and it's bleeding over into every other aspect of his life.

Good news: He starts a new school on Monday. Yes - crazy parents that we are, have (finally) decided that things are bad enough that he will move with only 2 months left in the school year. He seems excited, but the stress in the household these past few weeks has been pretty high.

Leaving the old school seems like a break-up - but don't worry, we can still be friends since M is still attending the old school.

Subjects for later posts:

Will everyone survive without Mom?

Will it really snow 2 to 4 inches tonight?

Will the new oven install guy really come between 12:00 and 1:00 tomorrow?

Will we christen the new oven with a Schwan's frozen pizza - or will we cook fish sticks?



Cate Ross said…
I am so glad you've found a new school for the Dude.
amy said…
hope all goes well. which room? Jungle?

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