Update - including latest on Thryroid

Some days I strap on my tennies and tear around the walking path at work. Today, I walked slower - I remained in my "dress shoes" if only to remind myself to slow down. I slowed down, I strolled, I sauntered - I was killing time.

Arrived at office at 8:00 - worked straight through lunch and beyond. Slipped out at 2:30 to "take the air", now I'm back waiting to see what will hit the fan in the next few hours.

Home on Tuesday for "Vacation" - at least that's how it counts to HR. M had the day off school for teachers' workshop. We planned a glorious day of father-daughter activities, perhaps go skiing, catch "Because of Winn Dixie", etc. Well, much to M's dismay it didn't turn out that way. The Dude was sick so we had him to watch after as well.

By the time Boppa arrived to watch the Dude while I slipped out to my doctor, Maria was fit to be tied. When Boppa arrived, M was in the middle of tearing apart some of his playmobil space-ship toys. I decided a "divide and conquer" strategy would be best, so I took her to the doctor with me. Needless to say she was a complete angel at the doctor's office - really impressed the doctor with her "maturity" - GRRR.

Dr. Jane - - what a refreshing change! Wonderful lady. We reviewed my medical history, and she suggested complete blood work - not just a peak at cholesterol and TSH levels. She would never prescribe anti-depressants without first doing bloodwork. Mood issues (like depression) can be caused by a variety of things - so she is going to look at blood sugers, electrolytes, and other stuff I can't recall now. (My previous MD wrote my Zoloft prescription without a question. I probably could have asked for performance enhancing drugs and he would have written the slip.)

She told me to make an appointment for a blood draw, and another appointment to meet with her to discuss results. I asked if they would contact me about results via phone or mail before. She said, "No." She always makes an appointment to discuss test results. (Wow - beats having the test results and a prescription sent to me via mail.)

For the record, weight 166, pulse 72, blood pressure, 90/60 - - the nurse did a double take, but I told her I'm always low - usually 115/70 or thereabouts.


Sue A said…
Yeah! A good doctor can make all the difference!! She sounds great and I hope all goes well.
amy said…
Let me correct Sue....a good doctor OR Nurse Practitioner can make all the difference!!!! Glad you made the switch John! I'm jealous of your blood pressure!!! What's your height...I'll calculate your BMI for you!! Of course you need to send us all the results from your blood tests! You may need to stop eating donuts the week before your fasting lab test....Ha Ha!

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