Dog Update

Went to visit some friends who just got a new Australian Shepard. Cute guy - about 4 months old. He joins a household with a 14 year-old Australian Shep and two cats.

Our friends got him from a breeder. He is part of a litter that grew out of a doggie "summer romance" so they got him on the cheap, as he was not part of a scheduled breeding (or whatever they call it.) More from the litter are available which is why we wanted to check out this pup.

I like the idea of a dog from a breeder - seems it would be better socialized to dogs than Favorite - a Humane Society rescue. Not that breeder dogs don't have their problems too. The "summer romance" appeals to me as well. I always feel sad when I hear about their carefully controlled breeding. The dogs then acquire these names like, "CH Diamond Aire Teal Bluewings TD" - let's call him Bingo.


Sue A said…
As you know, I am always for the addition of a dog to a household - and this looks like a good breeder. (And the dogs would off to a good start in the socialization department) However, from all I have heard, herding/working dogs are like having another child. (If they are bored, they eat furniture.)
amy said…
I have also heard that herding dogs (no pun intended) need to be exercised and kept busy or they go a little wacko. I know this is true with Border Collies (I still want one, though) you may want to check into how they are at home and with kids....I've heard that they will 'round up the kids by nipping at their ankles!!! maybe that is a good thing!

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