Yoga Butt?

Might as well admit it I addicted to yoga. I spend far too much time at the Yoga Journal web site. Did you know they have streaming video of the various postures, complete with multiple views of the pose and coaching techniques? They do – very cool. I’m working on the “perfect” morning practice. Tried a Sun Salutation I found on the YJ site, but it didn’t offer enough poses. The article recommended working through it 5 or so times, but I can’t do that many downward-dogs without my shoulders exploding. Now I’m back to usual morning routine and it’s working pretty well. Can really feel improvement through my shoulders and neck – didn’t realize how much I hunch. 8 hours a day at the computer can do that to you. I sit taller, walk taller, and can even sit cross-legged on the floor!

For what it’s worth: I may not have the much sought after “yoga butt” but now I can turn all the around and look at my butt.


amy said…
Ha ha! Thought you, too, would strive to become as well versed in yoga postures as the almighty Jake!

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