TheEarth Moved Under My Feet

Birthday – 51 years old.   The first year that my Mom won’t call to remind me how snowy it was that week in March 1962.  My Dad – in order to keep busy while he nervously awaited my arrival – shoveled all the time.  The pictures my parents snapped showed snow banks along the driveway almost as tall as my Dad – 6 foot 2. 

There is no snow where I sit today.  Palm Springs – beautiful weather as usual.  It is about this time yesterday that I experienced my first earthquake.  I was sitting poolside – as I am in the picture above – when water started leaking out of the sprinkler system sprayers in a funny way.  Within seconds, I heard the windows on the house rattling.  I stood up only to feel the ground kind of roll under my feet – a very weird feeling when standing on concrete.  It was over in about 20 seconds.  The in-laws – longtime San Fran residents – said it was a long one.  It turned out to be 4.7 on the Richter Scale.  It was an “interesting” experience.  I’m glad I got that out of the way – but not looking forward to my next earthquake. 

Plans are being made for one hike or another.  Yesterday we hiked a 3 mile loop in Indian Canyon.
My one big fear when climbing the sides of these steep hills and mountains is that I will fall off.  Only some of the trails present real falling opportunities, but I still feel the need to cling to the surface.  I fear that if I launched myself by leaping into the air, I would take off, alternately tumbling down the hill and flying through the air.  Like I do in my dreams.

I don’t experience these dreams as often anymore, but I still occasionally have “The Flying Dream”.  In that dream I am able to leap up into the air and by flapping my arms, fly around about 15 to 20 feet off the ground.  It’s a rather peaceful – and empowering – sensation. 

Anyway - on with the day - time to wake up Maria so we can hike before it hits 90 !! 


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