Palm Spring - Continued

Lots of pool time today - with a high temperature of 97 - you're not in Minnesota anymore baby!

Yesterday’s hike on the Lykken South Trail came up short as Shana had forgotten to take a puff on her inhaler – and I wasn’t so interested in scurrying over the switchbacks up that hot dry mountain all by myself.   Abandoning Lykeen, we resorted to Plan B – the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve – less strenuous – somewhat cooler – and a nice breeze.

Big Morongo was fun.  In the canyon was a wetland.  Hard to believe we’d find a wetland in the desert, but there it was, complete with cattails and a bog.  In just over an hour of walking/hiking, we saw the bog, as well as some desert elevation.  It was quite a diverse environment tucked into the valley.

The Birthday Boy got to choose the dinner location, and we went to the Blue Coyote Grill.

Today dawned warmer with hints of the heat to come.  While Shana, John, and Sue headed off to the Living Desert Zoo, Maria, Uncle John, and I remained at home.  Maria and John made brownies; I went off for a run – yes, a run.  That makes two runs in one week – plus two days of hiking in-between.  I could certainly exercise more if I didn’t have a full-time job. 


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