Early Spring

Nothing says early spring like a little sunburn.

We are in Palm Springs for spring break again this year.  Arrived yesterday about 8:30 - which means we woke up around 3:00 AM in Minnesota (or 2:00 if you consider the time change).  The kids pulled an "all nighter", preferring to remain awake watching SNL and then some other junk until it was time to leave for the airport.  Shana and I were raring to go - after about 3 hours sleep.  It's amazing we made it in one piece.

It's good to be away- even if it's been only 24 hours.  I'm emotionally exhausted from dealing with my Mom's estate business.  We have cleared out her apartment and are awaiting various court proclamations giving me authority to sell the co-op, car, etc.  My Mom was very organized and we had several discussions about what to do "in case" something happened; that made things "easy" in that I never was confused or blocked because I didn't know what to do.

But knowing which steps to follow, what to do next, didn't make it easy.  The busy work probably even delays the grieving.  Top that off with some denial about how exhausting it is - and you've got an exhausted Hobbled Runner retreating to the desert southwest for some rest and relaxation.

Did I say "Hobbled" Runner?  I ran about 3 miles yesterday - not bad for a Hobbled guy - on only 3 hours sleep.


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